Minutes from January meeting

At the February 20th meeting, the minutes for the January meeting were approved and are included here:

Manson Community Council
Minutes for January 16, 2018

The meeting was called to order at 6 PM by Chair, Sue Crinklaw with all council members present.  Two newly elected council members, Jeremy Jaech and Kim Ustanik, were also present, as were several members of the Manson community.

The December minutes were read by Sue as some council members had not received them prior to the meeting, and were approved as read.

Chair Sue Crinklaw swore the newly elected council members into office.

Council and community members thanked Sue and Bob for their service, and Sue and Bob left the meeting.

The council elected the following officers:  Kim Ustanik as Chair, Kathy Blum as Vice Chair, and Jeremy Jaech as Secretary/Treasurer.

The first and only report was given by the Manson Chamber of Commerce by Kathy Miller.  Kathy talked about Winterfest activities planned for next weekend, including a wine tent, entertainment, apple bin train rides, snowmobile drag races, and ice tower lighting.  Because there will be no wish lanterns this year, the organizers are hoping to try a new machine that creates shaped bubbles, if the equipment arrives in time.

Under old business, Lilith Vespier from Chelan County Community Development reported on UGA changes.  She noted that changes to zoning needed to be consistent with the Comprehensive Plan, particularly for the sub-area for Manson.  The process will be for the sub-area to be changed first, followed by zoning changes.  The proposed changes allow for more flexibility in the Manson downtown area, essentially allowing mixed use to permit existing residences to remain as residences and to be replaced by a new residence with a footprint no larger than 120% of the existing residence.  There are some open issue for which Lilith wants feedback from the community and council:

(1) should parking for residences be only allowed at the side or back of residences?

(2) for which commercial areas should the changes be made, just the Pedoi-Harris triangle or all three of the commercial zones in downtown Manson?

Lilith also noted that under the proposed changes, Guest Inns and residential above ground floor would be permitted.  A table of all permitted uses was provided in the draft document.  Lilith is looking for input from the council and community before February 14th, but since the Manson Community Council won’t be able to meet before the next regularly-scheduled meeting on February 20th, the proposal likely won’t be on the Planning Commission’s agenda until their April meeting to allow adequate time for public comment.

Lilith also provided a brief update on “the farm,” saying that Senior Planner Mike Wojtowicz would be working with the developer to address concerns raised by the community.

Under new business, several council members expressed an interest in improving communication between the council and the community.  Several possible methods were discussed, including creating a MCC Facebook page, posting the agenda at the Manson Post Office, having the agenda read on KOZI, reviving the MCC web page, and creating an email list of interested community members that would be regularly emailed.  Kim and Jeremy volunteered to propose an approach at the next council meeting.  Council also discussed going on KOZI radio following meetings to tell the community what happened at the last meeting.

An audience member suggested that perhaps the council needed to do an annual fundraiser, which is allowed under the bylaws, to provide funding for council operations.  Kim said she had an idea for fundraising and would circulate it among the other council members.

Council members made other statements about their hopes for their time on the council, including an interest in openness, getting the county to bring more issues to the council, and continuing the relationship with the Manson Chamber of Commerce.

For the next council meeting, audience members suggested several topics, including discussing the street trees in downtown Manson (dropped fruit is an issue—how should it be addressed?), poor sight lines at the intersection near Rootwood Cider and Troy’s Pizza, and creating a Main Street committee drawn from the council, the chamber, and community members to discuss issues and proposed solutions for the downtown area.  Additionally, the issue of the planned closure of the recycling bins in Chelan was mentioned, with the hopes that a replacement is in the works.  Kim will contact Commissioner England for an update from the County on recycling.

Finally, the council discussed the need to review the MCC bylaws and agreed to a pre-meeting at 5:30 PM on February 20th to discuss any proposed changes to them.  The public is invited to attend if interested.

The meeting was adjourned at approximately 7:15 PM.  The next meeting is scheduled for February 20 at 6 PM at the Manson Parks Department.


Signed by Jeremy Jaech


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