Proposed Manson Commercial Development (CD) zoning regulations

11.23.020 Zoning districts.

Section 11.23.020(3):

Downtown Commercial (CD). The downtown commercial district is intended for areas suited for retail, commercial, mixed small-scale uses with housing ideally on upper stories and an active street environment with pedestrian amenities. Alternative parking options and parking behind or to the side of structures should be developed to facilitate new development and redevelopment of lands within this designation. For the Pedio Harris neighborhood, (a 5.5 acre triangle, from the Pedio and

Harris intersection north to the alley south of Wapato Way), the historical residential uses may transition overtime to a mix of public space, residential and commercial uses.


District Use Chart, Section 11.23.030


Accessory Dwelling Unit A A A        
Adult Family Home P P P        
Bed and Breakfast (3 or Fewer Rooms) A A A   P    
Caretaker Dwelling Unit         P P  
Duplex Dwellings   P P        
Guest Inn—4 to 6 Rooms     CUP P P    
Mobile/Manufactured Home Park     CUP        
Multifamily Dwellings (Apartments)     P        
Residential Dwelling Units, Above Ground Floor       A P A  
Single-Family Dwelling P P P        
Single-Family Dwelling, within the Pedio Harris neighborhood as of December 31, 2017            
Vacation Rentals    


Standards, Section 11.23.040


  1. Single-Family Dwellings. Any single-family dwelling within the Pedio Harris neighborhood, legally constructed prior to December 31, 2017, may be replaced with a new single-family dwelling or modified as long as the footprint is no greater than 120% of the pre-December 31, 2017 single-family dwelling footprint. New dwellings are encouraged to place parking to the side or behind the dwelling.





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