Manson Stormwater Comprehensive Plan

Chelan County Public Works presented a draft version of the Manson Stormwater Comprehensive Plan back in June 2017.  The goal of the 2017 Plan is to improve upon the 2002 stormwater plan which focused upon collection and conveyance of stormwater throughout the Manson basin.  Because of the costs associated with the 2002 Plan, the current plan has scaled down the improvements to a more manageable level focusing on higher priority areas in the lower basin.  Though funding is still a major roadblock, the 2017 plan successfully has accomplished this goal.  In the coming weeks, it is Chelan County’s objective to move this plan towards Board of County Commissioner adoption.  This Plan is a great start in improving upon what has been done in the past to minimize stormwater problems in the Manson community.

You can read the key chapters of the plan here:  Manson Comprehensive Plan – Chapt. 5 & 6

One thought on “Manson Stormwater Comprehensive Plan

  1. It is unfortunate that on one hand we consider the Quality of our Lake, a priority, yet have not prioritized
    inflow of storm water / pollutants since 2002.
    The most effective and least expensive solution is to match the pace of Development
    to match our ability to manage our infrastructure.

    The more we cover our Community with concrete and asphalt, the more quantity of pollutants will enter the Lake.
    I doubt, given the path, we seem to be following, that the funding will catch up to
    the Development and all the negative consequences that Will follow.

    I guess our current decision makers can apologize later.

    I would suggest that Short Term interests are Trumping ( no pun ) the Long Term.
    We live and enjoy a very special place on this Entire Earth, let us do what we can to
    keep it a pristine and special place. So many others have been ruined.



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