One thought on “Blackcap Farm presentation

  1. Hello: Re Blackcap Farm : This is a nightmare for our small community of Manson.
    This is totally out of scale and common sense for our small community.
    The impacts are not , by any definition ” insignificant.”
    Having had a home here for 30 years, I am witnessing our quality of life, rural character and identity as The “Village by the Bay ” being destroyed by a thousand cuts. Blackcap is an ax.
    today I read, believe it our not, the entire Chelan County Comprehensive Plan. It is a joke for a small community like Manson. The County has and is placing a Consultants ” boiler plate: over an entire County that does not seriously take into account the unique characteristics of its various individual Communities. the Plan may work well for Wenatchee, but not necessarily for others, with with individual issues and opportunities. It states that it incorporates the values and vision of its Communities and reflects significant Community input. After reading, I cannot imagine that it does.
    It actually represents the opposite.
    I have made pages of notes where the Plan misapplies definitions, makes incorrect assessments /and assumptions to simplify a Template for the whole County. This is most likely dues to the inattention,
    lack of knowledge , lack of familiarity with the Communities or just laziness in understanding the short, and long terms impacts of Plan. Other “outside influences” always play a role.

    If we review the Real Situation, on the ground, in Manson, their is no justification for the permitting of Blackcap even under the Plan.

    To name a few topics for review, other than the competence of the Reviewers would be:

    Out of Charecter ,as is the Lookout – an eye sore in our beautiful valley. – Visual Pollution.

    Maintain Rural Element – at 3.5+ Persons / household ( Manson average) Blackcap adds
    224 people ( 64 x 3.5 ) on 8 acres in a small Community, of 1,500 people in the Greater, Manson area.

    1,500 does not include seasonal workers or peak summer population.

    Quality of Life, sense of community, protect existing residential character.

    Vehicles- Blackcap adds potentially 128 or more vehicles to an area already experiencing congestion
    and lack of Parking. certainly a Safety issue in downtown and the surrounding narrow roads.

    Imagine 128 or more vehicles, traveling thru town and thru the intersection of Manson Blvd / Lakeshore everyday times number of trips ?

    Traffic flow. Road Designations, Parking currently extremely inadequate.
    Storm-water management from 8 acres (approx) of asphalt ?

    Law enforcement ? Medical Response, Park access.

    It is stated In the Plan , that the Current Fire Dept capabilities Do Not meet Minimum
    Safety Standards for the Community. Do we want to add 64 more homes ?

    The 1 each Aid Car, covers our current 1,500 residents. I would think that the addition of 224 people
    may change the demand for these Services. ?

    I would suggest that Manson has insufficient infrastructure, to allow this large development to proceed.

    In reviewing the financial projections of the county, In the Plan, they project Decreasing Revenues to
    achieve their Long wish list. Manson issues are Not high on the List.

    Development should not precede the Infrastructure to support It.

    I could go on but I won’t.
    I will try to make the meeting. I have been out of the Country.

    As I stated in my 1 st correspondence with you, Manson as we know it, is at a critical Crossroad.
    We cannot undo bad decisions.

    I congratulate you on your efforts and success, on increasing to flow of information and transparency
    for our Community. we need to do more.

    Keep up the Good work !!!!!!!!

    Thanks Larry


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