Comprehensive Plan Map Amendment application

Chelan County Community Development is asking for input on the attached zoning change request from UR1 to UR3 for property located within the Manson Urban Growth Area on Madeline Road.  The plan is to build denser housing on the property if the change is granted.

Here is the notice of application:

CPA2018-077 Wapato Heritage Application CPA2018-077 Wapato Heritage NOA CPA2018-077 Wapato Heritage SEPA

Here is the SEPA: CPA2018-077 Wapato Heritage SEPA

Here is the application: CPA2018-077 Wapato Heritage Application

One thought on “Comprehensive Plan Map Amendment application

  1. FYI, if this zoning change is granted, over 200 dwelling units would be allowed on these 12.5 acres (up from the roughly 72 units currently possible). Current regulations would allow these to be used as vacation rentals if desired. Of course the actual proposed development would be subject to future public review and comment, but these features would be allowed by the zoning. Also, this property is a historical orchard site, expected to be contaminated with lead and arsenic, which would have to be addressed prior to residential development. Once the zoning change is granted, there is no guarantee that the owner (current or future) would be required (or would even be able) to construct any form of affordable housing. Anyone desiring a copy of my complete public comments to the County can email me at


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